Our Story

Anybody who said they knew it was going to work would be lying. It was 1992 and two high-school buddies from Barrington, Illinois had an idea. They were only a couple years out of college. No real business experience between them. No real money. No idea they were about to change the beer-drinking universe.

They started with a couple ads in Chicago Magazine. $14.95 for two six packs of craft beer every month. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? Turns out they would. A lot. The orders came in. And kept coming in. Seems they were onto something.

Over the following years they built a thriving business based on a simple combination: Quality, hard to find craft beers + Always fresh delivery + A commitment to putting their customers first. And more than two decades later, we're proud to continue that tradition with every bottle we deliver.

These days, you'd have to look a long time to find someone who hasn't heard of the Beer of the Month Club. In fact, some other companies seem to have heard about it and liked it so much they decided to, ahem, flatter us with their competition. And that's OK because when it comes down to us vs. them, it's pretty simple. They may have a beer of the month club, but we invented the Beer of the Month Club. And that's something we're pretty proud of.

Wouldn't you be?

Beer Across America
The Original Beer of the Month Club Since 1992

What our customers are saying...

George G. "I love that Beer Across America can deliver unique, curated regional beers, right to my door. It's a can't-fail gift idea for any beer aficionado. The bar-back bottle opener was a really nice touch!"
- George G. Los Angeles, CA
David A. "What an AWESOME gift I received from my thoughtful wife! We look forward to the end of every month to enjoy the finest craft beers in America! Cheers!"
- David A. Tampa, FL
Paul P. "I got my Beer Across America shipment today. All the bottles were safely packaged and look amazing. I loved the bottle opener you sent. You did a great thing. This jaded New Yorker is very impressed!"
- Paul P. New York, NY
Emily M. "I absolutely loved my Beer Across America shipment! As a beer enthusiast I loved all the variety that came in this package - a different type of beer for every taste!"
- Emily M. Columbus, OH